What Are The Risks Of Tummy Tuck Surgery ?

Tummy tuck is a surgical procedure that is used to get rid of stretched skin and tissues especially around the abdomen. Just like any other form of surgery, there are several risks of surgery for a tummy tuck that patients experience although not all of them. Before performing any surgical procedure on any patient, they should be fully aware of the risks of surgery for a tummy tuck. This will ensure that the patient is in good physical condition to endure the procedure. In addition, understanding the risks involved enables the patient to get the best tummy tuck recovery process beforehand and ensure they get a steady recovery. Many patients who do not know the risks do not plan for any post surgery care and therefore have to stay in hospital longer for doctors to take care of them.

Pointing Risks Of Tummy Tuck Surgery

Some of the most common risks associated with tummy tuck surgery are residual bleeding, delayed healing, anesthesia effects, aspiration pneumonia, drug reactions as well as infections to the wound. risks of surgery for a tummy tuck are rare and can easily be avoided if some post surgery care is taken. This involves following instructions from the surgeon closely and ensuring that all medications are taken according to prescription. Getting enough rest and minimizing physical movement can also minimize the risks of surgery for a tummy tuck. The most common risks of surgery for a tummy tuck are blood clots and slow healing. Surgical procedures that involve using general anesthesia often carry a greater risk of internal blood clotting. Blood normally clots to ensure that most of it is not lost after surgery. However, too much clotting affects blood circulation and can be dangerous.

To minimize the risks of surgery for a tummy tuck, it is important to give a complete medical history so that the surgeon can decide what is best and what would affect the results of the procedure. Women taking birth control pills are advised to stop use of the pills for some time before the procedure to reduce chances of blood clotting. Clotting normally happens a few days after the surgery and almost never happens after the first week. Other risks of surgery for a tummy tuck like getting infections on the wound are also common. Most surgeons are clean and sterile and therefore patients do not get any infections from the hospital. Most infections are brought about by not cleaning and dressing the wound properly. If a recovering patient experiences chills, sweating and fever, they should seek medication to establish whether it is an infection or just post surgery symptoms.