Tummy Tuck Recovery Timeline: How Long Should It Take?

The tummy tuck recovery timeline can be determined by three main aspects. One of them is the type of surgery conducted and the other one is how healthy a person is when they undergo the procedure. In addition, how much a patient follows the guidelines given by the doctor will determine how long the recovery process will be. However, many patients are too eager to see hoe their will look without the extra belly fat and they do not pay attention to the guidelines given by doctors. This therefore makes the tummy tuck recovery timeline longer than usual. Another aspect that can make the timeline longer is if liposuction was used, that is extracting extra fat using a special tube. This is because the patient has two forms of surgery from which to recover.

Factors Determining A Tummy Tuck Recovery Timeline

The normal tummy tuck recovery timeline is 2 weeks. However, this period can differ from one patient to another. Some patients require anywhere between 4 weeks and even 3 months. If a patient was healthy before they underwent the procedure, their tummy tuck recovery timeline is going to be shorter and they will feel normal again in two weeks. During the first week, some pain and discomfort will most likely be experienced and this can be reduced by taking prescribed drugs and getting enough body rest. This is very important and it will leave the body with little activity to do other than the healing process. However, based on the type of surgery, some patients may be required to stay at the hospital for a few nights. Another process done during the first week is removing the stitches of the surgery. This process might reveal a tummy tuck scar, which will fade away with time.

The second week in the tummy tuck recovery timeline involves wearing special compression garments more often referred to as abdominal binders. These garments should be worn for at least 4 weeks after surgery to shorten the tummy tuck recovery timeline and also to reduce chances of blood clotting on the legs. Other factors that are known to speed up the recovery process include proper dressing and cleaning of the wound and taking warm showers. Eating a healthy diet also aids in faster recovery. In addition, simple exercise such as walking will drastically reduce the tummy tuck recovery timeline. Before embarking on any exercise regime, it is important to consult a doctor to ensure that no complications occur and hence make the tummy tuck recovery timeline longer.