Tummy Tuck Procedure Steps – Find Out All You Need To Know

When thinking about a tummy tuck the first thing to do is to find a cosmetic surgeon who is well trained and also known for excellent results and make a consultation for him or her to tell you about tummy tuck procedure steps.
He or she will analyze you and tell you what the best procedure for you will be. If you want to get rid of excess weight and loose skin your tummy tuck procedure steps would be to book an appointment for surgery.
Once the surgeon is satisfied with your state of health he will commence with your tummy tuck procedure steps. He will book you into a clinic or hospital and set a theatre date for you.
Information About The Tummy Tuck Procedure Steps
When you are ready for your surgery he will commence with your tummy tuck procedure steps. He will either administer a local or general anesthesia depending on how long your tummy tuck will take and how much excess fat and loose skin he has to remove. He will then mark an incision line just above the pubic area which extends to the right and left hip. He will also mark an incision line around the belly button. When the incisions are completed the surgeon will lift and separate the skin from the abdomen so that the underlying stomach muscles are exposed. He then will tighten your stomach muscles.
Once your stomach muscles are tightened the surgeon will position your belly button. He needs to make certain that your belly button will be in the right position so that after surgery you will have a perfectly normal belly button.
Once your belly button is positioned correctly the surgeon will remove the excess fat via liposuction and also loose skin. He will then return the skin he has lifted. Drains are placed to draw off excess fluids that build up in surgical treatment. Bandages will be placed around the area.
Your next tummy tuck procedure steps will be that you will need to stay in hospital for a day or two. The drains will be removed before you leave hospital but you will have to keep your bandages on for a while until your next consultation with the surgeon. Also a support garment will have to be worn for a month.
When you have tried dieting and exercising and just cannot get rid of that tummy your best bet would be to consider a tummy tuck. You would need to consult a cosmetic surgeon about the procedures of this surgery and whether you are a good candidate.