Tummy Tuck Post Surgery Effects

A tummy tuck is a surgical procedure that enables people be rid of flabby, loose, stretched skin around the abdomen. This is normally undertaken by women in an effort to lose weight gained after pregnancy as well as people who have gone through massive weight loss procedures. Tummy tuck post surgery effects are different for different individuals and care for each individual should be different. The procedure should be conducted under a general anesthesia in hospital and therefore the first tummy tuck post surgery effect is wearing off the effects of the anesthesia. Most effects of the anesthesia include nauseating sickness and vomiting. Patients will have to stay in hospital for at least one night after the surgery. To ensure that tummy tuck post surgery effects are not negative, it is important to be physically fit before the surgery and to avoid any solid foods for at least six hours.

Tummy Tuck Post Surgery Symptoms

Just like any other procedure, tummy tuck surgery patients will experience some post surgery pain and discomfort, which can be reduced by medications. These are normal although some patients experience more severe symptoms that require a doctor’s attention. Another normal tummy tuck post surgery symptom is a bruised and partially swollen abdomen. Some aftermath bleeding may also be experienced but not too much. Excessive bleeding as part of tummy tuck post surgery symptoms should be reported to a doctor immediately to avoid infections and a prolonged recovery timeline. Another symptom experienced is numbness. This numbness may start from the belly button all the way to the pubic hairline. This numbness is based on the type of surgery conducted and will fade away quickly without any special care on it.

Whether it was a cheap tummy tuck surgery or a more expensive one, tummy tuck post surgery symptoms are basically the same and care for the symptoms is also the same. One of the most common modes of care for tummy tuck post surgery symptoms is wearing special compression garments over the part that was operated on. This will reduce one of the most common tummy tuck post surgery symptoms of swelling. Another common tummy tuck post surgery symptom is blood clots on the legs. To avoid this, elastic stockings should be worn at all times except when taking a bath or shower. To ensure a quick and healthy recovery, it is important for patients to follow directives given by doctors carefully.