Take Time Out For Tummy Tuck Recovery

It is important to understand that there will be a huge difference between a mini tummy tuck recovery and what a full tummy tuck recovery involves as the two operations are completely different. A mini tummy tuck will have you up and going on as normal much faster. The operation is not nearly as serious as a full tummy tuck. You will have to give your full co-operation and follow guidelines for a tummy tuck recovery to be successful and the results to be long lasting.

After the operation, you will wake in the recovery room in the hospital and most doctors insist that you do stay in hospital overnight. It is critically important that you follow all the post-operative care instructions that your surgeon gives you to assist in a fast and successful tummy tuck recovery. You will be put on a course of antibiotics and be given painkillers to take for a while, as you will be in pain. There will definitely be swelling and bruising in the operation site area.

Tummy Tuck Recovery Guidelines

It is usual for surgeons to give you a set of guidelines for your tummy tuck recovery. These will include the amount of bed rest you require and showering and bathing instructions. You will get guidelines of when you may start to exercise and when it will be safe for you to resume working. You will also get a set of general guidelines for tummy tuck recovery. These will detail when you can safely resume any other activities. The best advice is to get someone to stay with you for the first few days to help you with your tummy tuck recovery as you need to have complete bed rest for two or three days.

Your doctor will, besides the general guidelines for tummy tuck recovery, give you personal guidelines. Personal guidelines will include rest, compression, elevation and medication that pertain to your case specifically. Remember to ask your surgeon for advice on ways to minimize the scarring from the operation. In general, it takes most people up to 6 months for a complete tummy tuck recovery, but you will be able to start with many activities after the initial tummy tuck recovery phase.

It is important that you contact your doctor immediately if you experience any excessive swelling, any bleeding or intense pain, as you do not want to jeopardize the results of your tummy tuck. Once your tummy tuck recovery is complete, you will have only fading scars left and your tummy will look great.