New Tummy Tuck Procedure – A Safer Way To Get Rid Of That Tummy

The new tummy tuck procedure is a much safer and effective way to loose excess weight or sagging skin due to loss of weight and pregnancy. The healing period is much shorter and you will be able to return to work or to your normal day to day life much quicker. The new tummy tuck procedure is called a Combituck and has excellent results giving you a more flat and toned appearance. It also has less side affects than a standard tummy tuck.
Your appearance is very important to your state of mind as being overweight or having loose skin on your tummy can be discouraging and often make you feel depressed. When all the exercising you can do and also dieting does not help to get rid of that excess weight on your tummy you need to consider the new tummy tuck procedure, which is safer and effective, and can give you wonderful results. It will also tighten up your stomach muscles, which often become slack after loosing weight or pregnancy.
The new tummy tuck procedure is performed by using a full combination of liposuction to the entire area and loose skin is removed. As an anesthetic is not necessary and only mild sedation according to the amount of excess weight or loose skin to be removed this reduces the risk of surgery. A new tummy tuck procedure also reduces the risks of blood clots, infection and also no nasty drain tubes.
With this new procedure you will be able to see your results immediately. You will feel thinner and heal much faster.
An easy procedure of a tummy tuck is liposuction. You need to make a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon who can evaluate you and tell you what is best. If you have lots of loose skin then a new tummy tuck procedure would be the best for you.
Advantages Of New Tummy Tuck Procedure
A new tummy tuck procedure will give you the results you are wanting almost immediately and your healing time is much quicker so that you can carry on with every day life. Gone are the days after a new tummy tuck procedure when you had to cover up that bulging tummy. You will now be able to wear all those tight fitting clothes you have been dying to wear. It’s great to have confidence in oneself. It makes your feel much happier.