Mini Tummy Tuck – Want to feel Confident about that Tummy

A mini tummy tuck is a cosmetic procedure to remove fat and lose skin from around your waist. This excess fat and loose skin can be the result of pregnancy or a loss of excess weight. A mini tummy tuck can also remove fat. Men and women can both have this surgery.
A mini tummy tuck can also be performed to help get rid of stretch marks which also often occur from pregnancy or from loss of weight. Stretch marks are unsightly and by having a mini tummy tuck procedure it will help you to gain confidence once more in yourself and allow you to wear that bikini you thought you would never be able to wear again. It will also give your abdomen a flat look, which will boost your esteem and make you feel great again.
A mini tummy tuck is a much smaller procedure than a full tummy tuck but it is still surgery and you will need some recovery time. You need to find a good plastic surgeon, one that has been recommended by other people as this is costly and you only want the best results. A mini tummy tuck also tightens up slack muscles that have occurred with weight loss or pregnancy. It will give your abdomen a more toned and flatter look.
A mini tummy tuck is performed by a surgeon making a small incision above the pubic area. It can also be done by making a small incision around the naval area. The surgeon will then cut away loose skin and may perform liposuction to remove excess fat. The naval does not have to be repositioned as in a full tummy tuck. Small drains are inserted into the incision to get rid of body fluid build up and elastic bandages are then applied. You will have to wear a compression garment during the healing period. The healing period normally takes up to one month.
Great Results Of Mini Tummy Tuck
A mini tummy tuck price can vary depending on what you want to have done. It is best to make a consultation with a plastic surgeon who can then quote you a price.
Having a large tummy that you have to hide with loose clothing even after loosing weight or having a baby can make you feel depressed about your appearance. So if you want that confidence back and want to feel good about yourself again a mini tummy tuck is the way to go.