Mini Tummy Tuck Results Make You Look Great

People are often confused with the differences between a tummy tuck and a mini tummy tuck. The mini tummy tuck results in getting rid of that little bit of loose skin people often have around their tummy. It also works for those small bits of excess fat that stubbornly won’t go away. A full tummy tuck is for more serious problems where people have a major ‘apron’ of fat around the tummy. That could be due to a large weight loss or when the body had changed radically after a pregnancy.

A mini tummy tuck results in major boosting of the self-confidence many people lose when they know their tummies no longer look good. A mini tummy tuck results in the muscles being pulled tighter. This means the tummy has a flatter and healthier appearance. A mini tummy tuck with liposuction will also get rid of the stubborn pockets of fat that dieting did not get rid of.

Thus, mini tummy tuck results in tighter muscles, a flatter tummy with tighter skin and with the added option of liposuction, a loss in fat. You should always discuss all aspects of the operation with your surgeon before the time. Make sure whether you will have to stay in hospital after the surgery or not.

Great Advantages Of A Mini Tummy Tuck Results

The number of advantages and the degree of success of your mini tummy tuck results will greatly depend on you. In general, people are hugely satisfied with their mini tummy tuck results. The recovery period for a mini tummy tuck is not nearly as prolonged as when having full abdominoplasty. Some of the great advantages of a mini tummy tuck are that the surgery goes quick. The bruising will start fading within a few days. This does not mean you should not take things serious. You do have to take good care of your body to ensure the best mini tummy tuck results.

You need to rest for a few days after the operation. You will wear a support bandage and go for regular checkups with your doctor for the first month after the operation. It is always advisable to take a few weeks off work when you have this operation done. Your body needs to heal properly before you go back to work, especially if your work is demanding or you have a job that involves great physical activity.

To get the best mini tummy tuck results you should follow a well balanced diet after the operation. You should also get involved in a regular exercise regime. Having a mini tummy tuck is the greatest self-confidence booster anyone can have. You feel better about yourself and the mini tummy tuck results spurs you on to maintain a healthy lifestyle so that you can continue to look and feel great.