How To Deal With Mini Tummy Tuck Scars After Surgery

A few days or weeks after the surgery, mini tummy tuck scars appear dark and ominous. Fortunately, for most people, mini tummy tuck scars usually start to fade away after a few weeks, leaving only tiny lines on the skin that can be hard to detect. On the other hand, people who are predisposed to scarring may even have dark thick min tummy tuck scars that won’t go away without proper treatment. If you are one of the less fortunately ones who have to deal with raised mini tummy tuck scars around their belly, you should do something about the situation as early as possible. Remember that mini tummy tuck scars can become permanent if you do not do something about. If you do not want to end up hiding your mid section from the public for the rest of your life, you should deal with your scars properly.

Prevent The Appearance Of Mini Tummy Tuck Scars

Preventing the appearance of big and ugly tummy tuck scars is possible. According to experts, proper wound care can help prevent the appearance of mini tummy tuck scars even on those people who are genetically predisposed to scarring. To reduce the likelihood of scarring, follow the post surgery care instructions given to you by your doctor. Take medications religiously and get plenty of rest for a few days after the procedure. Take a few days off from work and stay in bed for a least a few days. Remember that tummy tuck is an invasive procedure and it can disrupt the natural functions of your system. You need extra rest to help your body cope with the stress caused by the procedure.

Aside from getting enough rest, you should also stay away from cigarettes and alcohol until such time when your wounds have completely healed. Studies show that smoking and drinking can affect your body’s ability to heal itself. A lot of people who smoke and drink tend to have large ugly mini tummy tuck scars so if you do not want to end up like these people, you should stay away from cigarettes and alcohol.

Cover The Mini Tummy Tuck Scars

If natural treatments cannot remove your scars, you might want to consider getting tattoos over your tummy tuck scars. Hiding mini tummy tuck scars behind tattoos is perfectly acceptable and a lot of people around the world are doing this. Besides, getting a tattoo is a lot less expensive than plastic surgery so if you do not have the money for another cosmetic surgery, you might as well get a tattoo.