Realizing the Dangers of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

Risks and Complications

Risks and complications are possible with any type of procedure, however most people tend to only worry and think about the positive things that will come from a cosmetic plastic surgery procedure, and then tend to overlook the possible negative aspects that could come along with it.

Although yes, there are plenty of benefits that can be attained from these sorts of procedures, there are also possible risks and complications to each one, and these must all be taken fully into consideration; this will be done in the consultation with your doctor before the procedure, and a good doctor will make sure that you are fully and completely aware of both the positive and negative factors of that particular procedure.


Although this part of cosmetic plastic surgery is highly avoided or unknown altogether for that matter, it is a serious and incredibly consequential matter, and must be taken fully into consideration. Basically the term addiction refers to how a person can become addicted to cosmetic plastic surgery, just as they would to something else, such as cigarettes, or alcohol, for example.

There are many cases of addiction to plastic surgery in the world today, although for the most part it is overlooked, primarily due to the fact that cosmetic plastic surgery is so incredibly common these days and so no one seems to really notice or care what someone is having done to themselves.

However, each of these cases of addiction to cosmetic plastic surgery whether overlooked by the general public or not are all incredibly serious, and this is because having an addiction to cosmetic plastic surgery can be just as if not in fact more serious than that of other addictions, and so these people absolutely need to understand that they have a problem and seek help immediately before they hurt or even possibly kill themselves.

As well, if you are considering having any type of cosmetic surgery done, then you will want to ask your plastic surgeon about further information in regards to that procedure, and as well what you should expect both going in and coming out of the operating room. You will want and need to be fully prepared for anything and everything, and it is absolutely necessarily to understand that any procedure, no matter how simple it may seem to you, is serious, and should thus be taken in such a way.

Clinic for Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery: A Place Where the Body May Get a New Lease on Life

The place to get cosmetic plastic surgery is usually a doctor’s clinic and one can find a whole bunch of clinics for cosmetic plastic surgery around almost every corner. Cosmetic and plastic surgery gives new form to the body and the end product rests entirely in the hands of a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon so it makes sense to do some serious checking of the various clinics for cosmetic plastic surgery before settling on the one that most suits your expectations as well as budget.

And, as age catches up with a person there is a noticeable change in the appearance that requires treatment and so begins the quest of finding a clinic for cosmetic and plastic surgery and hope you can regain the vigor and youthful appearance that may have deserted you with the passage of time.

How often has the plastic surgeon heard the plea that the patient is in urgent need of emergency Botox or even collagen injections? To delay the inevitable wrinkling of the skin may lead many to visit a clinic for cosmetic plastic surgery where there are many different types of cosmetic and plastic surgeries available.

With the advent of CO2 laser skin texturfacing that is used to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, the clinic for cosmetic and plastic surgery will see increasing numbers of patients that wish to regain the freshness of their skin which has been lost over time or through exposure to the sun.

Services Offered

A good clinic for cosmetic and plastic surgery will usually offer services such as Botox injections, hair and tattoo removal, microdermabrasion, chemical peels as well as breast augmentation and there has been an increasing number of patients wishing to avail of these services. The popularity of cosmetic and plastic surgery has grown since the turn of the 20th century and a consequence of this is that looking healthy and young as well as beautiful has become the norm rather than the exception and so there have been more and more clinics for cosmetic and plastic surgery mushrooming.

In addition, cosmetic and plastic surgery have advanced in leaps and bounds in the recent past and cosmetic and plastic surgeons receive basically the same medical training so, the clinics for cosmetic and plastic surgery can make use of their services in either instance. The mission of most clinics for cosmetic and plastic surgery is to provide patients an opportunity to receive high quality treatment at affordable prices as well as to ensure patient satisfaction and to be staffed with well qualified team of surgeons.

You Can Improve Your Appearance or Rectify Defects in the Body through Cosmetic Plastic or Reconstructive Surgery Respectively

Cosmetic plastic surgery encompasses reshaping the normal structure of the body to be able to improve the appearance of the patient as well as bolster self-esteem. However, cosmetic plastic surgery may not usually be covered by health insurance as it is elective.

In addition, cosmetic surgery is very often undertaken when it is required to change the patient’s features which he or she finds unflattering or if there are medical reasons such as breast reduction or when there is an orthopedic problem present.

Cosmetic surgery is an important means of improving personal appearance and this is borne out by what is believed to be 11.9 million cosmetic procedures that were undertaken in the US during the year 2004. However, due to the threat of associated risks one should not undertake cosmetic surgery without taking adequate precautions and exercising judicious care.

Plastic surgery has been recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties as being a sub-specialty that is mainly concerned with surgically repairing defects of form or function and includes both cosmetic as well as reconstructive surgery. There are a number of popular cosmetic surgery types that include tummy tuck, ab etching, eyelid surgery, breast enlargement, butt augmentation, chemical peel, breast lift, nose jobs, ear surgeries, face lifts, removing fat from the body, implants, cheek augmentation, collagen, and mesotherapy.

When to Get the Surgery

On the other hand, reconstructive surgery is undertaken when there are abnormal structures of the body that may be a result of congenital defects or developmental abnormalities or trauma or infection or tumors or even disease. Normally, reconstructive surgery is undertaken when the patient needs his or her functions to be improved or when they desire to look and appear more normal.

Most health insurance policies cover reconstructive surgery even though some specific procedures and coverage levels may vary. There are a number of typical reconstructive surgeries that include breast reconstruction for women having had a mastectomy, cleft lip and palate surgery.

Another popular example of reconstructive surgery is sex reassignment surgery for transsexual people and it is also used in contracture surgery for burn survivors and for closing skin and mucosa defects when a tumor is removed in the head and neck regions. To further improve reconstructive surgery, plastic surgeons have developed the use of microsurgery when transferring tissue to cover a defect where no local tissue is available.

Considering Facial Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

Facial cosmetic plastic surgery can be a complicated matter because it covers a lot of ground as a topic. On the one hand, there are certain cases in which facial cosmetic plastic surgery will most certainly be an accepted method of dealing with a subject. If you have sustained any damage to your face from an accident, for example, you may want to consider facial reconstruction through cosmetic surgery. Those are the cases in which this type of procedure is justified. On the other hand, there are cases in which cosmetic surgery such as this is simply for the aesthetic value. This case is a little more uncertain.

If you have been the victim of a sort of damage to your face, through a fire or other trauma, you may want to consider facial cosmetic plastic surgery to repair your face. Certain problems with bone structure may have come up as a result of your injury, so this type of surgical procedure can certainly be of assistance in terms of the repair and professional assistance that is needed. You will need the proper professional physicians to look after the procedure, so you should consult your family doctor or a fully licensed professional for the assistance you will need in the process.

Other Options And Reasons

There are other reasons that people use to get facial cosmetic plastic surgery. It can be quite shallow and purely motivated by aesthetics, but many people like to consider it for reasons such as dissatisfaction with certain facial features or a desire to look a different way. Many people do not augment their faces or bodies because of health reasons but rather because they have confidence issues with their faces and do not want to continue down that path. The reality behind cosmetic surgery in this case is, however, that the issues remain while the face is no longer the same.

You will need to think long and hard about your own motivations for facial cosmetic plastic surgery. If you truly need an adjustment because of an injury or a condition, it is an option you can take when others have been exhausted. But if you are simply unhappy with the position of your nose or the level of your eyelids, it is strongly urged that you consider another way of dealing with your confidence issues. Changing your face will not change you on the inside, and that is where the bulk of the problem actually lies.