What You Need To Know About Caring For Yourself After Liposuction Surgery

Liposuction surgery is not just a one time procedure that you can walkway from a few minutes after it is over. Most surgeons are adamant when it comes to keeping their patients in the clinic for a few hours after the liposuction surgery for observation and close monitoring. Even those surgeons who are offering cheap liposuction surgery understand the need to observe their patients after the liposuction surgery that they even allow their patients to stay inside the clinic for a few hours without charge. Reputable doctors would never even dream of sending their patients home without making sure that they are stable. Moreover, most doctors would continue to closely monitor their patients for a few days after liposuction surgery. If you have just had a liposuction surgery, expect to hear from your doctor to ask you to visit him or her a few times after the liposuction surgery.

Care After Surgery

Most doctors will give you medicines to help your to ward off infections and let your wounds heal properly. Some doctors may also prescribe pain relievers especially if the surgery involves a large area in the body. For instance, if you just had a tummy tuck, you may experience some degree of pain in your stomach area for a few days so your doctor may prescribe pain relievers to take away the pain. Some types of pain reliever can make you feel drowsy so it is important that you stay in bed for at least a couple of days. No, you should never go back to work immediately after liposuction surgery. Remember that liposuction is a serious procedure and you need plenty of rest to help your body heal. Take a few days off from your work and get complete rest.

Aside from giving your medications, your doctor will bind your wounds tightly after liposuction surgery. Binding your wounds will prevent sagging and possible damage to these areas. These areas will need to stay bound for sometime so get used to the area of being bound for a while. Once your wounds have substantially healed and the skins around these areas are stable, you may now remove the bandage. The skin on bound areas may feel really itchy and tight. Do not attempt to scratch your skin. To relieve the itch; you need to rub petroleum jelly or other forms of emoluments into that area. Massage your skin to help make it softer and keep the surface of your skin even.