What Makes Laser Assisted Liposuction So Different?

Most of us would rather not go under the scalpel if we can help it. In fact, even if it is necessary to remove fat from the body through use of liposuction it is better to find a solution that does not mean being cut up. Laser assisted liposuction is a procedure that can help ensure that your body is not cut up in order to remove fat from various parts of your anatomy. Such a technique has been found to be quite suitable and as a matter of fact people in Europe as well as in South America have for almost a decade found laser assisted liposuction to be a very useful means of getting rid of their unwanted fat.

Nod From The FDA

In the US too, laser assisted liposuction has been given approval by the Food and Drug Administration and it has since become very popular and has a certain amount of celebrity following as well. Still, there are some surgeons that doubt the efficacy of using laser assisted liposuction though these doubters are rather few in number.

Normal liposuction works through invasive measures in which a tube has to be inserted into the body from which fat is vacuumed out through these hollow tubes. The problem with such measures is that it leads to tissue trauma and there is much bruising and pain that makes life rather uncomfortable for the patient.

Laser assisted liposuction on the other hand is a step forward in the extraction of fat from the body and it works in a different manner from normal liposuction methods. In laser assisted liposuction fat must first be melted away and then removed. In fact, for over a decade trained doctors and other personnel have been using lasers to remove hair and even have used laser to eliminate broken capillaries and lasers have also been found to be effective in removing brown spots from the skin. So, the use of lasers is not all that new or novel.

When laser assisted liposuction is used the heat as well as light from the laser beams help in melting as well as dissolving fatty cells and at the same time cauterizes blood vessels as well as tissues which then helps to minimize bleeding and swelling as well as bruising. Some laser assisted liposuction methods such as the one known as Smart Lipo has been found to be very effective and is worth learning more about.

In fact, you would do well to read a laser liposuction review or two about the working of Smart Lipo. This will give you a better idea about what’s good and bad about this form of laser assisted liposuction and you can then decide whether it suits your needs and also your budget.