What Are The Most Common Tumescent Liposuction Risks?

When it concerns undergoing any form of surgery there are a number of associated risks that need to be understood and acted upon. So too when it concerns tumescent liposuction there are a number of tumescent liposuction risks that must be understood and there are in fact two main risks that you must be aware of before making up your mind to go in for this form of fat removal procedure. The first important tumescent liposuction risks is the one known as lidocaine toxicity while the other major tumescent liposuction risks is accumulation of fluids.

Lidocaine Toxicity

Lidocaine toxicity normally only occurs when the doctor injects excessive amounts of lidocaine into the patient’s body and then it becomes hard for the body to break down the excess lidocaine as its metabolism will not be able to handle such conditions and when too much lidocaine is present in the body it can lead to the second tumescent liposuction risk which is that of fluid accumulation.

Infections are another form of tumescent liposuction risk that can even prove to be life threatening as well as very serious. In fact, one such serious infection is the one known as necrotizing fasciitis in which bacteria begins to eat away tissues in the body. Another common form of infection that you should watch out for, toxic shock syndrome is serious and can also prove to be fatal.

Embolism is another type of tumescent liposuction risk and this is one risk that often arises whenever the fat becomes loose and gets into the blood through a ruptured blood vessel and then this fatty matter can get stuck in the blood vessels or gathers in the lungs or even can travel to the brain.

Visceral perforations might occur when the intestines get punctured during an abdominal tumescent liposuction procedure and when any organs get damaged then repairing them is only possible through further surgical procedures. This is too is another serious tumescent liposuction risk.

Another important tumescent liposuction risk, nerve compression as well as changes in your sensations occur following the treatment and these can lead to sensitivity in the affected area and also experiencing numbness. In addition, you should learn about common tumescent liposuction risks such as swelling, burns and fluid imbalances.

Some women actually prefer undergoing tumescent liposuction breast reduction procedures. The plain truth is that women that have extra large breasts might consider reducing the size of their breasts and this in turn can make them opt for tumescent liposuction. Other reasons to take this option include being physically impaired and also because of certain psychological reasons.