Understanding How Long Does Tumescent Liposuction Recovery Time Take

In regard to the time taken for a patient to affect complete tumescent liposuction recovery there is in fact no one pre-determined fixed time period within which a patient can expect to recover completely. The plain truth is that tumescent liposuction recovery times vary from individual to individual and in some instances it is possible for the patient to walk out of the clinic without being assisted and they can continue living their normal lives without any problem. In other cases, tumescent liposuction recovery times can prove to be lengthier though if the patient makes an effort to move about as early as possible chances of their recovering earlier will improve and so the time taken to completely recover will be less.

Wait For Six Weeks

However, if a person is unfortunate they could require as many as six weeks before tumescent liposuction recovery can be completed and in this time period the scars will soften up but it may still take an entire year for complete healing to take place. In addition, before tumescent liposuction recovery is complete the patient will perhaps feel temporary feelings of numbness in the affected areas and the reason for this is that anesthesia that was administered will still be present in the tissues and this leads to experiencing the numbing feeling.

In some cases, patients might even experience some minor sort of discomfort even after the numbness has worn away and so this may lead to tumescent liposuction recovery times taking a bit longer. In any case, till complete recovery has been affected it is not recommended that the patient does any form of physical exercise and in fact, they also need to wait for a whole week after completion of surgery before attempting to do physical exercises.

One possible means to affect quicker tumescent liposuction recovery is to ensure wearing compression garments for the first few days following the procedure. However, getting as much rest as is possible is recommended and it is also more advisable that you do not drive a vehicle and instead allow someone else to drive you about – at least for the first few days following completion of your tumescent liposuction procedure.

Before you go for tumescent liposuction procedure it is definitely a good idea to allow a doctor to evaluate your condition in order to determine whether or not you are a good candidate for tumescent liposuction techniques. Most people do qualify for regular liposuction but for tumescent liposuction there is need for the doctor to evaluate your medical history to ensure that the tumescent liposuction procedure can be performed without risk of causing further complications.