Tumescent Liposuction Is The Gold Standard Of All Liposuction Methods

Tumescent liposuction is believed to be extremely safe as it is a method that involves minimal loss of blood and it also does not require using pain relieving medications to help you feel better once the process has been completed. In fact, it is also quite common for doctors to perform tumescent liposuction even while the patient is fully conscious and is only under the influence of local anesthesia. What all this means is that in effect there is very low risks involved in doing this form of surgery.

Injected With Solution Of Epinephrine And Lidocaine

When tumescent liposuction is performed the areas that have excess of fat will be removed through the patient being injected with a solution of epinephrine and lidocaine. This solution makes the fat swell up and hardens or in other words the fat becomes tumescent and once the affected area becomes firm it becomes very easy to remove the fat which can also easily be separated from the tissues in the body. The best part about opting for tumescent liposuction is that such form of fat removal ensures that no harm is done to the rest of the tissue and this in turn reduces blood loss and also helps to ensure getting more desirable results.

Because of the epinephrine that has been injected into the patient’s body there is minimal chance of the patient losing blood because the solution makes the blood vessels in the affected area shrink up and so there is hardly any chance that they will bleed.

Furthermore, to remove the hardened areas of fat use is made of a cannula which of course ensures that the entire procedure will pass off in the smoothest possible manner and the surgeon can also make good use of the cannulas in order to shape up the affected area and to also rectify irregularities in the skin such as dimples and also any dips in the skin.

Though in most cases tumescent liposuction can be performed while the patient is under local anesthesia in some instances use of general anesthesia is also required. And, once the procedure has been completed may also be necessary that you have to get a rapid drainage procedure performed which helps to reduce the time taken to heal from the procedure.

The bottom line is that the gold standard as far as liposuction methods go is tumescent liposuction which till now has not resulted in even a single death.

Of course, if you are planning on undergoing this procedure you should determine beforehand what you can expect from the tumescent liposuction results. In most cases these results can be desirable though when the surgeon has to deal with pockets of fat that are hard to remove you might not always get the kind of results that you paid for.