Liposuction Tumescent Technique: Anesthesia Or Super Wet?

The right kind of liposuction tumescent technique will definitely ensure minimal bruising and pain and there is also not much risk of suffering from much swelling either. In fact, if the doctor is an expert in the proper liposuction tumescent techniques they will then be able to ensure practically no loss of blood and what’s more, there will also not is any need to go for any kind of blood transfusion process. Typically, a common liposuction tumescent technique is to first inject the patient with some anesthesia solution that is aimed into the affected area so that proper fat sculpting can begin.

Saline Mixture, Some Lidocaine And Epinephrine

This anesthesia solution generally is comprised of saline mixture and lidocaine as well as epinephrine. Once injected, this solution will numb the affected area so as to enable the doctor to continue with the liposuction tumescent technique while the patient is awake but not feeling any pain or discomfort. By using sufficiently large amounts of this solution it is possible to inflate or even tumesce the fatty compartments and this in turn helps ensure that the fat will begin to swell up and firm up.

When this happens it is much easier for the doctor to use cannulas which are passed beneath the surface of the skin and which ensures smoother removal of fat. When performing the anesthesia based liposuction tumescent technique doctors can vary the amount of it to suit different patient’s needs. In most cases, doctors prefer injecting anesthesia that is thrice the amount of fat that needs to be removed and in majority of instances use of local anesthesia is sufficient to perform the liposuction tumescent procedure.

However, if the affected area is very large or it is hard to reach the fatty area then doctors might need to inject general anesthesia and in such cases the anesthesia liposuction tumescent technique will take longer to complete.

Another common liposuction tumescent technique, the one called super wet, is very similar to anesthetic liposuction tumescent technique but in this case the amount of anesthesia injected is much less and is typically as much as the fat that needs to be removed. In this liposuction tumescent technique, it is common for doctors to use IV sedation or what is known as general anesthesia and the procedure itself takes between one to two hours to complete.

In regard to understanding tumescent liposuction swelling there are a few considerations that should be addressed. One is that the swelling can occur in a variety of directions. This means that if the swelling occurs outwardly it becomes visible to everyone while if the swelling occurs inwardly then only the patient will know about the swelling. However, in virtually every instance, after tumescent liposuction some amount of swelling is bound to occur.