A Brief Look At Laser Liposuction

Liposuction is a form of surgery that helps to remove excess fat from various parts of the body and which involves insertion of suction tubes into the body and a vacuum attached at one end of the tube will then suck out the fat from the body. The origins of laser liposuction however can be traced to Europe and it is a form of treatment that helps to reduce swelling and pain as well as bruising that is normally associated with common liposuction treatments.

No Vacuuming

Laser liposuction is of course different to normal liposuction since there is no vacuuming out of the fat involved; rather, use is made of lasers that are of low energy and which are aimed at the affected areas from where fat is to be removed. When these waves of laser beams hit the cellular membranes of the fatty cells there is a consequent weakening of the cells which will then leak out.

Following the application of lasers a cannula or very small surgical tool is inserted where the original incisions were made and this instrument is then used to suck out the weakened fat and in this it works very similarly to normal liposuction methods. However, laser liposuction is less invasive than normal liposuction.

To complete the laser liposuction process use is again made of low intensity laser beams that now help in reducing pain. In fact, at this stage the laser beams help to reduce any swelling and inflammation and then on the next day after the procedure has been completed the patient will have to return to attend a session of pain management.

At the end of all these laser liposuction steps you will begin to notice a dramatic reduction in fat in the areas that were treated and there is also very little discomfort felt which is what makes laser liposuction more attractive than ordinary liposuction techniques.

Laser liposuction is primarily aimed at certain parts of the body that lend them well to this form of liposuction. For example, in the case of women, their abdomen and hips and thighs as well as their knees are most suited for being treated by laser liposuction. In the case of men, the areas that are best suited for laser liposuction include their abdomens and love handles and also their arms and even their necks.

When it concerns estimating liposuction costs you will generally find it very hard to figure out exactly how much such a procedure will end up costing you. What determines the final costs are the kind of anesthesia being used and also the skills and expertise and knowledge of the surgeon that is going to perform the liposuction and also the types of machines that will be used?