Thread Facelift

Sagging skin caused by gravity as well as other factors such as heredity, weight loss , and natural aging can make people feel less confident about their face. Women seek different methods that would safely and effectively remove the years from their face by opting to undergo facelift procedures. Traditional facelift procedures involve real cosmetic surgery which is invasive and rather costly as compared to thread facelift.

Thread facelift has many advantages over traditional facelift especially if what is needed to be done are just minor procedures to correct some wrinkles and lines on the face. Women ages between 30-40 prefer to have thread facelift since it can done quickly and normal life can resume within a matter of days. Because of the fast procedure involved, it is also known as “lunch face-lift” since it can only take 30 minutes to a maximum of 2 hours to undergo this procedure.

Before having a thread lift, it is advisable to consult first a duly accredited plastic surgeon who can make a careful assessment of the condition of the face. There are some cases that really need to undergo traditional facelift since the skin has sagged badly that threading cannot remedy it anymore. Thread facelift can improve minimal sagging that is apparent under the jaw, middle-face or slight pockets of bags under the eyes. If one is a candidate for thread facelift, he/she must take some antibiotics as prescribed by the doctor even before the procedure. This prevents possible infections after the procedure.

Thread facelift can be done using only a local anesthetic which means that the patient can even see how it is being done.
High-grade sterilized needles are inserted in some parts of the face to make way for the thread that would be inserted. After the threads are inserted, barbs on the thread would close so that it would be in place. Doctors can use an open or closed technique depending on their style as long as it would put the threads in their proper place that would deliver good results. After the procedure, the patient can go home and perform normal non-strenuous activities after 24 hours. Indeed, thread facelifts are easy, safe and non-invasive. Look for a cosmetic surgeon now.

Thermage Face Lift

Facelift is so popular worldwide that it belongs to the top ten cosmetic procedures done by plastic surgeons. The cosmetic procedure brings millions of money to the cosmetic surgery industry although there have been cases of complications that have resulted to numerous lawsuit. Also, it takes time to recover due to the swelling and bruising that comes along with the procedure. A number of workdays would also be missed since it is not advisable to move one’s head around ( with bandages ) lest bleeding and other fluids seep out. Indeed, some of these experience are normally avoided by women who just wanted to have facial imperfections removed. Therefore, women seek new methods of face lift that can bring younger-looking skin sans the wrinkles but without the associated complications from going under the knife.

One possible alternative is to choose Thermage facelift that uses monopolar radiofrequency to tighten sagging skin areas. This type of treatment employs heat to tighten the skin by penetrating the area as much as 20mm . The area gets heated by a device known as “Thermage” which is FDA approved thereby safe for cosmetic procedures.

Moreover, various test were done on several groups for the effectiveness of this procedure which yielded positive results especially the area of recovery. Since there is no surgical operation involved, only redness or swelling are often experienced after undergoing this procedure. Thermage is promising since the equipment used has undergone numerous innovations since it was first used ten years ago.

The procedure harness the heat emitted by the machine to heat up collagen that has been loose due to aging. Improvement in collagen composition would result into better skin texture thereby lessening brows, wrinkles, and fine lines that make a woman look older. Results from Thermage face lift can be seen after a few months since the skin is gradually tightening up while treatment is ongoing. It has also shown to improve acne conditions which is another plus for this procedure. However, cosmetic surgeons should be consulted first if Thermage is appropriate to one’s facial condition. Excessive sagging in the face could not be helped by Thermage at all and may need complete facelift procedure.

Male Face Lift

If you think women are the only ones concerned about their looks, particularly their face, you’re mistaken. Men are as concerned about their looks as evidenced by cosmetic products that have flooded the market for these past few years. Moisturiser, toners, facial cleansers, facial scrub and a bevy of products just for men are launched as part of a collection. This just indicates the need of men to maintain their good looks since good facial features are highly-competitive especially in the field of sales, entertainment, marketing and business. Who wouldn’t like good-looking men with good complexion? Even face lift is not anymore exclusive for women. In fact, statistics indicate that more and more men get a face lift to boost their looks which does wonders for self-confidence.

Male face lift can do wonders by either improving appearance on the middle face( where sagging skin shows ) thereby creating a younger look. It is actually not much different from face lift being done on women. It’s primary purpose is to surgically remove extra skin and tighten some parts of the face using sutures. Usually, some incision is done behind the ear so skin can lifted up thereby enabling the doctor to make sutures on deep facial muscles.

The sutures can correct sagging skin and would improve skin texture. Nevertheless, even if the procedure is the same for women, there are certain things that must be emphasized when it comes to male face lifts. One, it is not possible to diminish the wrinkles present near the eye area or corner of the mouth. Other face lift procedures can possibly do this but it should be remembered that men have beards and sideburns as opposed to women. It is also advisable to lose weight first before having a male face lift so no excess skin would be toned before surgery.

The male face lift procedure takes only a couple of hours depending on the facial condition. After surgery, it is possible to go home and rest for a number of days since the head must be immobilized. Also, expect some swelling and bruising even after a few weeks from the procedure. Taking prescribed medicines would reduce the discomfort and swelling and before you know it, the face looks younger again!

Laser Face lifts

Women worldwide love to pamper their faces since it is the first to create an impression when meeting people, having a job interview or socializing with friends. In fact, women are so concerned when they there is a reunion or get-together since they worry about what friends or acquaintances would say about their looks, primarily their face.

At a young age, girls are already buying facial products such as cleansers, toners, moisturizers to have blemish-free skin. However, the skin suffers from many damages as people grow old like constant exposure to the sun or using cosmetics with chemical preparations that harm the face. Another issue in aging is elasticity since the skin sags as people grow older which is a big concern for most women. Once women reach their 30s, they begin to notice some fine lines around the corners of the mouth as well as the eye are. As years pass by, these line s become more defined since the facial skin loses elasticity.

One of the best options to arrest this problem is to avail of laser face lifts. Laser face lifts are not as invasive as going under the knife since there is no incision involved in the procedure. There is even no need of anesthetic procedure since it is not painful. Laser facelift from the term itself uses laser technology that can help improve facial skin by reducing fine lines and wrinkles. As the skin is resurfaced by the laser, newer skin shows up which brings improved appearance. Many women who have undergone this procedure show a dramatic change in the reduction of lines and wrinkles in the face. In fact, some looked years younger as the elasticity of the skin is repaired by using laser.

Before deciding to have a laser facelift it is important to have an appointment with a certified plastic surgeon. This doctor can give a good assessment of the facial skin’s condition and determine whether it would benefit from a laser facelift. There are certain skin conditions that must be met before undergoing a laser lift. Also, the possible risks can be discussed by the plastic surgeon so the patient can prepare well. Having a younger-looking face can be made possible by laser face lifts. Consult a certified plastic surgeon for a new you.

Face Lift Without Surgery

Ever since face lift has become a world-wide trend for mature women, there have been different types of facelift offered by cosmetic surgeons. The first type of facelift known as the traditional facelift involved surgery that has its complications and risks. Usually, swelling, bruising and skin discoloration is apparent a week after the procedure which is often disliked by some women interested in having a face lift.

Fortunately, there are now non-surgical face lift procedures available in the market. As compared to traditional face lift, these procedures do not involve surgery and costs less to avail. Also, facelift without surgery can be done quickly , usually in a few hours time. Some of these procedures such as thread face lift is also known as “lunch face lift” since it can be done in an hour’s time.

One of the well-known face lift procedure that does not involve surgery is known as thread face lift. Unlike the traditional face lift where an incision is made behind the ear , thread face lift is done by inserting “threads” which are actually sutures through the skin. A fine needle serves as a guide in placing these sutures with barbs that close on the tissues thereby tightening facial muscles.

Only a local anesthetic is applied to the facial area while the procedure is being done. Thread face lift requires 6-18 threads to be placed around areas of the face needing a lift. The jaw, mid-face and brow lines are immediately given a lift without blood loss or bruising. The patient can resume to normal activity after the threading session.

Another face lift without surgery is the “thermage“ procedure that involves deep penetration of facial muscles using heat. This procedure was developed ten years ago along with the equipment that emits the heat . The heat helps improves the skin texture, clear acne and strengthens the loose collagen under the skin which results to tighter skin. A type of monopolar radiofrequency approved for cosmetic purposes is used in this procedure. Thermage equipment erases fine lines and wrinkles efficiently and safely without a long recovery period.Contact us today for a free consultation on face lift procedures without surgery.

Face Lift Surgeons

Face lift is a cosmetic procedure that can only be done by certified plastic surgeons. Seeking out consultation with a face lift surgeon guarantees safety, reliability, and a good outcome. Unfortunately, there are many doctors out there who are not really specialists in cosmetic procedures.

Some are just medical practitioners who pose as qualified surgeons which makes the procedure very risky. Even under normal circumstances, face lift procedures have complications such as bruising and swelling since this is how the body reacts to invasive procedures. It is therefore very important to look for surgeons who specialize in this field since the risks involved can even be life-threatening for candidates who have health complications. Doctors who are not specialized in this field would just operate on anyone willing to pay without conducting a full medical screening of the patient.

Hypertension can lead to cardiac arrest during surgery as well as blood loss. People takings steroids or aspirin are not also likely candidates for most face lift surgeons. Most good plastic surgeons carefully choose their patients. It is then critical to search for professional face lift surgeons not only to achieve the look you desire but also undergo the procedure in the safest way possible.

The best way to search for face lift surgeons is to contact national or state associations of certified plastic surgeons. Best face lift surgeons are the ones who are board-certified since the certification attests to the doctor’s academic background as well as training programs that was accomplished. Strict board examination differentiates those who are qualified to practice the profession from those who need to upgrade their skills and training.

Some top-notch plastic surgeons even have dual board membership and eligibility which makes them one of the best face lift surgeons. Usually, their clients are celebrities or prominent people who cannot afford to have mistakes done in their face. In most countries, there is a national association of plastic surgeons that monitors the practice of its members. Face lift surgeons who have been previously engaged in medical malpractice are blacklisted by such associations and therefore not recommended to potential patients. This practice protects the integrity of the association and public interest as well.Set an appointment now with one of the best face lift surgeons available!

Face Lift Recovery

As more and more women choose to have a facelift, health institutions give precautionary advice to avoid complications that may arise from this cosmetic surgery procedure. Like any surgical procedure, face lift has its risks and complications that must be carefully considered. Facelift is done within a day but recovery is another thing once the anesthesia wears off, patients experience different effects as their system begins to adjust to the surgical procedure. Bodies have different coping mechanisms after a surgery.

After the surgery, the head is usually wrapped in a bandage to cover the face. It is also likely that a tube would be inserted near the patient’s ear to accumulate fluid or blood .Bruising and swelling are to be expected since facelift is an invasive procedure that has touched sensitive muscles and nerves around the face. Inflammation is a sign that the area is trying to heal. It is also possible to feel numbness and see discolorations on the face even after some weeks after the surgery. Gradually, these would also disappear Because of these painful and inconvenient after-effect of the procedure, it is important for women to make necessary personal arrangements before the facelift. Someone should be able to assist her after coming from the clinic since she may still feel drowsy due to anesthesia. Also, her resting place at home should be clean and sanitized to prevent possible infections to her scarred face.

Facelift recovery can be enhanced when the patient can rest comfortably in her bed. Her head should be slightly elevated and prevented from straining much by avoiding movements. Since the stitches may not be dry yet, the patient is also advised to refrain from washing the head from the neck up. The doctor would prescribe antibiotics and painkillers in order to eliminate infection as well as make the patient feel comfortable. It is also advisable to avoid certain types of food that can interfere with the healing process which the doctor would advise. Taking a leave from work is highly advisable to minimize bleeding and discomfort from walking around.

Face Lift Procedure

Millions of women all over the world have been searching for ways to improve or maintain their youthful appearance. Manufacturers of cosmetic products often create creams that promise to deliver young-looking skin that would make the face fair, firm, and dewy. As women get older, gravity takes its toll on facial skin as loose skin in certain parts of the face such as jaw and chin begin to show. Although some creams add moisture and improve the texture of skin, it is not enough to arrest the signs of aging skin. One of the most popular option is to have a face lift which can immediately erase years from the face. Facelift is technically known as rhytidectomy which translates to surgically removing face wrinkles. This type of procedure is classified under cosmetic surgery.

Face lift procedure is generally considered safe as long as one seeks the right doctor (cosmetic surgeon) who is accredited by the national society for plastic surgeons. Also, the surgeon must also demonstrate years of experience that could guarantee safety and effectiveness. A face lift procedure is basically surgical procedure performed to remove extra skin from certain parts of the face. The result of which is a more tighter complexion that shows improvements even up to the neck area. Usually, incisions are made in areas below the hairline starting from the front ear then skin is lifted so sutures on deeper tissues can be made to tighten those sagging muscles.

Scalpel or scissors are used to lift the skin so stitching can be performed efficiently. A skilled cosmetic surgeon can do this with ease while the patient is under anesthetics. Once the surgeon has completed the sutures, decisions on what excess skin can still be removed that could improve the face can be made. This is where the experience and judgment of a good cosmetic surgeon comes in after handling many cases. After the surgical procedure, sutures are made so that the skin would heal. The doctor prescribes antibiotics and rest so that recovery process would be faster. After a week, tighter and younger-looking skin begins to show much to the delight of women.

Face Lift Costs

Facelift has been one of the top cosmetic procedures in many clinics worldwide since it brings permanent effect and delivers younger-looking facial texture. Many women including top celebrities, hosts, popular personalities, world leaders, and even ordinary ones have undergone face lift to arrests the signs of aging. The face always makes an impression to the world and too often people are judged by their looks. Having a facelift can dramatically improve one’s appearance as fine lines and wrinkles brought by aging are smoothened thereby creating a younger-looking image.

Face lift ( also known as Rhytidectomoy ) is considered as a surgical procedure since it entails incision to remove excess skin in certain areas around the face ,jaw and neck. Also, the skin is lifted through a cut near the ears so sutures can be made on deep facial muscleswhich tightens the skin. Since it is a surgical procedure that must be handled by a certified cosmetic surgeon, which makes it costly and would require some financial planning. Getting yourself shortchanged by availing of cheap clinics that offer dubious services for a low fee can bring serious or even life-threatening complications.

Getting the services of a health professional is a must. First thing that must be realized about face lift procedures is that it is not subsidized by any healthcare since it’s not really categorized as a health need. Therefore, it means using money out of one’s pocket or breaking the bank to shoulder the costs. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery estimates that the fee alone for the surgeon is roughly $7,000. This fee depends on the surgeon’s background, expertise, experience and area. Some doctors in certain states charge higher fees. Aside from the doctor’s fee, set some $2,000 for hospital bills, medicines and auxiliary expenses related to the surgery. It also involves money to recover since one would be missing out work for at least three days. There are some private firms that offer financing services for this type of operation.

Getting a facelift is involves costs and financially preparing for this procedure is important. It is highly advisable to shop around by consulting several surgeons to have an overview of the procedures as well as expenses. To get a good quote on costs involved in facelift, contact our representative now.

Face Lift Complications

Face lift ( also known as rhytidectomy ) is a cosmetic procedure that surgically removes sagging skin at the same time tighten skin muscles through sutures. It seems like a simple surgery as many quack cosmetic specialists advertise it but the truth is that involves many risks like any other surgery. It is therefore important when considering a facelift procedure to seek a medical specialist ( in this case a certified plastic surgeon ) to get professional advice. Certified plastic surgeons have been trained for this type of procedure and had years of experience with hundreds of patients. Consulting a good doctor helps in avoiding face lift complications since these specialist can guide their patients in the step-by–step procedures from pre-operation to post-operation procedures.

Since face lift is a surgical procedure, complications can be avoided by preparing in advance for the procedure. Psychological and physical preparedness is required so that the body can adjust to the changes brought about by the procedure. Women scheduled for face lift must be adequately rested and nourished to handle the post-operative stress. Doctors can also conduct a full medical screening that can detect possible problems such as allergies, high blood pressure, diabetes and other medical issues that can complicate the procedure.

Certain people pose a higher risk for this type of surgery especially those on steroids , have poor blood clotting, suffer from hypertension or other pulmonary disease. A previous illness can bring complications that can be life-threatening especially during surgery. Doctors should be very careful in screening their patients since medical lawsuits are abound these days especially when the patients suffer from complications that are permanent. According to medscape, some possible complications from the surgery are infection, injuries on the nerve, hematoma ( bruising), loss of hair ( alopecia) and earlobe deformities, parotidgland pseudocysts and hypertrophic scarring. Bruising, swelling and skin discoloration are quite visible even after a few weeks since operation but would also disappear. Medications such as antibiotics and painkillers are often prescribed by the doctors to hasten recovery. Women who want facelift but are prohibited by their medical condition can try other non-invasive methods such as thermage or thread lift.