Society’s Influence And Cosmetic Surgery For Breast Augmentation

Cosmetic surgery for breast augmentation, to many people, is a quick answer to society’s desires for larger breasted women. Society tends to perpetuate an unrealistic and unnatural view of the female body and breast augmentation surgery plays into those fears and those insecurities in women by providing a way in which women can accomplish larger and more “natural” breasts. The fact of the matter is that all sorts of breast sizes are natural and normal and cosmetic surgery for breast augmentation is not a healthy or safe way to improve the imagery that we are inflicting on women. We should, as a society, learn to embrace differences in body types and move forward from that point of unity.

Unfortunately, that is not a realistic picture at this point and time. Society instead wants a woman with the perfect proportions and with perfect breasts and body parts. Apparently the archaic viewpoint of women as objects has not yet moved beyond our women themselves as breast augmentation surgery continues to be on the rise. Many women consult cosmetic surgery for breast augmentation as an option for looking better and for feeling better, but most women who have experienced it claim to have no difference in their self-esteem. It does, in fact, often get worse after the surgery.

Getting Attention

Many women will consider cosmetic surgery for breast augmentation as an option because they think they want the attention that comes with the procedure’s outcome. Larger breasts on women tend to get more attention, but the drawback to that attention is that men (and women) only will see one thing when they look. Breasts have become a focal point in society as sex objects and have propelled large breasted women to a large stature because of it. Breasts have always been worshipped by societies, but it was never so much about the size and the shape as it was about the actual purpose and the giving of milk from them. Today’s outlook on the breast is drastically different.

As we venture further and further into an uncertain future, it becomes apparent that we are taking risks to get better looking and to have better physiques. The drawback to this is that we are also sacrificing a lot to accomplish this goal and we are turning to cosmetic surgery for breast augmentation and other things to create a quick fix for what we perceive to be our problems. This is wrong.