Large Breasts Can Be Made Smaller with Cosmetic Breast reduction Surgery

Cosmetic breast reduction surgery is necessary for women who have very big, pendulous breasts and who experience medical problems that are a result of too much weight from back as well as neck pain. It may also be necessary if there is skin irritation or skeletal deformities or the person has problems with their breathing.

There may also be left some bra strap marks on the shoulder and the mere fact that a young girl or a woman has large breasts may lead them to feel extra self-conscious and thus want to go in for cosmetic breast reduction surgery. It is for this very purpose that breast reduction has been designed to help women by removing fat, glandular tissue as well as skin from the breasts thus making them smaller as well as light and firmer.

Cosmetic breast reduction surgery is most often performed to provide relief instead of improving the cosmetic looks of a woman because usually women with extra big breasts find that the sagging breasts may hamper their activities as well as making them feel uncomfortable, physically.

Cosmetic breast reduction surgery is generally only performed when the woman’s breasts are fully developed though it can be performed at an earlier stage if warranted due to serious discomforts that manifest themselves physically. The candidate woman should be mature enough to understand the implications as well as have realistic expectations about what would be the end result.

Reduction While Breastfeeding

Women who need to breast feed should not go in for cosmetic breast reduction surgery as the operation is not simple and also requires experienced hands of a qualified plastic surgeon.

The attendant risks associated with cosmetic breast reduction surgery are complications such as bleeding, infections or reactions to the anesthesia applied. There may also be instances when the woman feels tiny sores near their nipples following surgery. After cosmetic breast reduction surgery there may be visible and permanent scarring even though these may be covered by bras and swimming suits and in the case of smokers the scars may be wider and the healing, poorer.

Before choosing cosmetic breast reduction surgery as a means to reduce the size of the breasts it is best to discuss beforehand with the doctor one’s expectations as well listen to the opinion of the doctor as there may be different points of view regarding what is the desirable size and shape for the breasts.