Male Face Lift

If you think women are the only ones concerned about their looks, particularly their face, you’re mistaken. Men are as concerned about their looks as evidenced by cosmetic products that have flooded the market for these past few years. Moisturiser, toners, facial cleansers, facial scrub and a bevy of products just for men are launched as part of a collection. This just indicates the need of men to maintain their good looks since good facial features are highly-competitive especially in the field of sales, entertainment, marketing and business. Who wouldn’t like good-looking men with good complexion? Even face lift is not anymore exclusive for women. In fact, statistics indicate that more and more men get a face lift to boost their looks which does wonders for self-confidence.

Male face lift can do wonders by either improving appearance on the middle face( where sagging skin shows ) thereby creating a younger look. It is actually not much different from face lift being done on women. It’s primary purpose is to surgically remove extra skin and tighten some parts of the face using sutures. Usually, some incision is done behind the ear so skin can lifted up thereby enabling the doctor to make sutures on deep facial muscles.

The sutures can correct sagging skin and would improve skin texture. Nevertheless, even if the procedure is the same for women, there are certain things that must be emphasized when it comes to male face lifts. One, it is not possible to diminish the wrinkles present near the eye area or corner of the mouth. Other face lift procedures can possibly do this but it should be remembered that men have beards and sideburns as opposed to women. It is also advisable to lose weight first before having a male face lift so no excess skin would be toned before surgery.

The male face lift procedure takes only a couple of hours depending on the facial condition. After surgery, it is possible to go home and rest for a number of days since the head must be immobilized. Also, expect some swelling and bruising even after a few weeks from the procedure. Taking prescribed medicines would reduce the discomfort and swelling and before you know it, the face looks younger again!