Face Lift Without Surgery

Ever since face lift has become a world-wide trend for mature women, there have been different types of facelift offered by cosmetic surgeons. The first type of facelift known as the traditional facelift involved surgery that has its complications and risks. Usually, swelling, bruising and skin discoloration is apparent a week after the procedure which is often disliked by some women interested in having a face lift.

Fortunately, there are now non-surgical face lift procedures available in the market. As compared to traditional face lift, these procedures do not involve surgery and costs less to avail. Also, facelift without surgery can be done quickly , usually in a few hours time. Some of these procedures such as thread face lift is also known as “lunch face lift” since it can be done in an hour’s time.

One of the well-known face lift procedure that does not involve surgery is known as thread face lift. Unlike the traditional face lift where an incision is made behind the ear , thread face lift is done by inserting “threads” which are actually sutures through the skin. A fine needle serves as a guide in placing these sutures with barbs that close on the tissues thereby tightening facial muscles.

Only a local anesthetic is applied to the facial area while the procedure is being done. Thread face lift requires 6-18 threads to be placed around areas of the face needing a lift. The jaw, mid-face and brow lines are immediately given a lift without blood loss or bruising. The patient can resume to normal activity after the threading session.

Another face lift without surgery is the “thermage“ procedure that involves deep penetration of facial muscles using heat. This procedure was developed ten years ago along with the equipment that emits the heat . The heat helps improves the skin texture, clear acne and strengthens the loose collagen under the skin which results to tighter skin. A type of monopolar radiofrequency approved for cosmetic purposes is used in this procedure. Thermage equipment erases fine lines and wrinkles efficiently and safely without a long recovery period.Contact us today for a free consultation on face lift procedures without surgery.