Face Lift Procedure

Millions of women all over the world have been searching for ways to improve or maintain their youthful appearance. Manufacturers of cosmetic products often create creams that promise to deliver young-looking skin that would make the face fair, firm, and dewy. As women get older, gravity takes its toll on facial skin as loose skin in certain parts of the face such as jaw and chin begin to show. Although some creams add moisture and improve the texture of skin, it is not enough to arrest the signs of aging skin. One of the most popular option is to have a face lift which can immediately erase years from the face. Facelift is technically known as rhytidectomy which translates to surgically removing face wrinkles. This type of procedure is classified under cosmetic surgery.

Face lift procedure is generally considered safe as long as one seeks the right doctor (cosmetic surgeon) who is accredited by the national society for plastic surgeons. Also, the surgeon must also demonstrate years of experience that could guarantee safety and effectiveness. A face lift procedure is basically surgical procedure performed to remove extra skin from certain parts of the face. The result of which is a more tighter complexion that shows improvements even up to the neck area. Usually, incisions are made in areas below the hairline starting from the front ear then skin is lifted so sutures on deeper tissues can be made to tighten those sagging muscles.

Scalpel or scissors are used to lift the skin so stitching can be performed efficiently. A skilled cosmetic surgeon can do this with ease while the patient is under anesthetics. Once the surgeon has completed the sutures, decisions on what excess skin can still be removed that could improve the face can be made. This is where the experience and judgment of a good cosmetic surgeon comes in after handling many cases. After the surgical procedure, sutures are made so that the skin would heal. The doctor prescribes antibiotics and rest so that recovery process would be faster. After a week, tighter and younger-looking skin begins to show much to the delight of women.