Better Breast Shape and Size is the Most Common Reason for Cosmetic surgery for Breast Implants

Some women may want cosmetic surgery for breast implants to enhance the contours of their bodies for personal reasons or to correct a reduction in breast volume post pregnancy or to balance differing breast sizes or for reconstructive purposes following surgery of the breast. It involves a special surgical procedure that is used to improve the size as well as shape of the woman’s breast.

With an implant being inserted behind each breast, surgeons are in a position to enlarge the bust line of the woman by one or more cup size. When a woman is thinking of cosmetic surgery for breast implant she should know beforehand when it is helpful, how it is performed and what would the likely results be as this would enable her to make an informed decision.

Reasons for the Surgery

Cosmetic surgery for breast implants are able to enhance the woman’s appearance as well as self-confidence though it may not be able to change the looks to exactly match her ideal expectations or even result in other people treating them differently. This means that prior to having cosmetic surgery for breast implants the patient needs to discuss their expectations with the doctor and be satisfied that it is indeed worth their while to go in for this sort of treatment.

Ideally, a woman who is looking for improvement and not perfection would make a good candidate for cosmetic surgery for breast implant and in addition, she should also be physically fit and realistic in her expectations.

There are different types of breast implants and it is basically a silicone shell filled with silicone gel or salt-water solution called saline. Cosmetic surgery for breast implant is quite easy to perform but just like all other operations, there are risks that are associated with surgery and certain complications may arise.

Capsular contracture is a very common problem with cosmetic surgery for breast implant and occurs in case the scar or capsule in the vicinity of the implant starts to tighten and such squeezing of the soft implant may result in the breast beginning to feel hard. However, capsular contracture is treatable and may also involve removal or replacement of the implant.

Cosmetic surgery for breast implant may also result in a lot of bleeding following the operation and this may result in some swelling and pain and in case there is too much bleeding another operation may be required to control the bleeding as well as for removal of accumulated blood.