Augmenting With Plastic Breast Surgery

The world of plastic breast surgery is a controversial one, ripe with a lot of tips and tools that could provide an avenue of thought either for or against breast augmentation surgery. The reality behind it is that there is no reality; you simply have to decide for yourself based on the information as to whether or not plastic breast surgery is something for you. There are a lot of resources available that can provide the information you may be looking for, so don’t be afraid to ask your doctor for tips and hints as to where to look and what his or her opinion is of the possibility of your consideration. This type of surgery should be taken seriously.

A lot of people do not consider the amount of pain that can find themselves in with plastic breast surgery. It seems that there is a misconception about the procedure and many people overlook that it is, in fact, a serious surgical procedure and that the patient does go under the knife for it. In some cases, there is little to no pain afterwards but that is certainly not the norm in terms of the majority of the cases. It certainly has a lot to do with whether or not you elect to have the implants placed under or on top of the muscle. If you elect the under the muscle approach, you will have more pain than the alternative.

Other Considerations

A lot of people do not consider how high the implants sit on the body after plastic breast surgery. People do not consider that the breasts will have to settle in to the body and will look to be quite unnatural at first. It takes a decent amount of time for the breasts to settle into a more natural looking position, so be patient. It can, in fact, appear that the nipples will be pointing down because of this which can cause some women some understandable alarm. The normal time for settling of the implants can take from two to six weeks but they will continue to drop for the next six to eight weeks to a more normal look.

There is also the matter of the scar. There will be a permanent incision scar on your body which may be noticeable to some people. It is usually small, but plastic breast surgery does cause a scar that you will have for the rest of your life as a reminder of the procedure. That is, of course, unless you have another procedure to remove the scar. You should also consider that there may be partial bruising accompanied with the scar.